Thursday, May 15, 2008

N*E*R*D* everybody nose

OHHHHH yyeaaahhhhh here it is the Everybody nose oh yeahhhhh

The Roots- Rising Up

Still doing it after all these years after one of my all time favorite songs You got me they still in the game of hip hop man big up to the roots man real talk

Kase File #2

Why She Fronted On The Gang Bang?!?!

I hate when bitches front on the GB...sick...niggas had a golden opportunity to pound out shorty early after the club and she sold...fuck we came back to your crib for if you was gonna play games?? still upset that this happened...and niggas kno ima veteran at this..i got a whole squadron of gangbangers...shit is the Bronx’s number one sport...let me give yall the rundown...niggas met shorty on the train...spit that G early...had the vagine mad wet...she was feinin for the cock i could see it in her eyes...went back to her crib and she had the nerve to allow us to sit on her bed wit her and she didnt get butt naked...are u deadass??...that shit blew mine...shit was like 6 in the morning too...she wanted some poundage...i mean dam wtf...why girls gotta play games for b??...if u knew we wasnt piping why did u allow us into ur home lmao...we was hinting at it the whole time, u knew wat it was...yall girls play tooo many games...this why bitches get japped (j/k)...lmao...nah i kno yall feel me tho, right?!?!?!?!?!?

"COOL" pic of the Day

"COOL" pic of the Day the team having a good time drinkin on Halloween with some childhood friends
-Cali and Dollas look done bro lol

Guess who back

Guess who is back baby me Nunnie i know i been gone and i been getting some really mad ims and email asking me to get on my job but i was busy sorry and i was getting my computer stuff together and oh yea playing GTA4 lol sorry i love that game im a game head but no worries im back now