Wednesday, February 25, 2009


see right there my nigga GABE getting that DUB & drinking that BEER had to show the homie love on this pic thats how u do it lol

The Long Island I am On a Boat lol

yoo this shit is od funny because they really have an album coming out and this joint got t-pain on it lol SNL is too funny

Friday, February 20, 2009


hmmm dub lol loving this one dubbing it up with my homie Kenya and having a good old time while doing it lol
ooohh shit i just realize if u following me on twitter and im always talkin about my boy white mike aka whiteboy aka Drunk ass white man lol he is in this pic in the back allllll drunk and shit lol and i think high lol

Dope R3mx

looking on my boy tone ( website and saw this dope pic of rockstar
r3mx and i had to put it up my boy look hella cool in this pic

Kid Cudi Day n Nite

I like this video by the boy Cudi thats wassup i love the the director too his video r soooo fun and cool

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

T.I ft justin timberlake- dead and gone

cool video popping song damn too bad what happing too t.i tho

Kanye West Ft Kid Cudi Welcome To Heart break

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo

yo u will be a fool not to like this video the song is dope the video is dope and it is always good to see someone you know doing there thing big up to Kid cudi
video's like this made me want to be a filmmaker today

Chester French she Loves everybody

dope song dope video cant front im hope to see them on the move now they r super cool yo

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Never before seen Pics of me and my people

here r some pics they were in my computer just chillin and shit lol na but some never be4 seen pics of me and some of the people i got love for


so i was looking threw facebook ( yes im finally on facebook lol) and i came cross this pic of my man cool cal on my homegirl elle page from London and i was like damn son my nigga look really coooooolllll in this pic had to post and i bet he will steal it lol

Pharrell & the yessirs take it off

i soooooo wish that an album was mad for this soooo bad like it would be super dope but i doubt there will be sighh
here is pharrell and the yessirs

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Duffy Mercy

i cant lie i fucking love this song lol

what the f&!@# bro, get out the pic Nunnie

lol sorry i cant help it i like to make people pics look cooler sometimes lol na its all in good fun enjoy bitch

FLU season Bitches

soooooooo Im sick ass a dog like everyone else lol and all got is some damn tussin and there is only like a drop left so im going to add some water look mo tussin lol( chris rock bigger n blacker pause) but na im sick as a dog and its my mom b day and i got her sick worst gift every lol but today is jason fight today and i got to make that and its roxy and melo x mixtape release party tonight too so i got to make that too oh man im so done right now

Happy birthday mom and dad

soooo not only its black history month but it is also my parents birth month my dad born feb 6 my mom today feb 11 so happy birthday mom and dad hope u both enjoy it

John Legend and stevie Wonder Medly

by far one of my favorite duo every i love both these artist they r both great so it was a real moment when these two got on stage i watch this video about 254,967 times lol and counting lol

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nunnie The DUB Hunter

Hello My name is Nunnie I love Booze well of course u know that hahahahaa.anywho i also love something else thats right im talking about Dubbing With Beautiful females. so i thought long and hard and have chosen to become a dub Hunter. Thats right you heard me a dub hunter so ladies you look out for me when u see that fine lightskin brother with a drink in hand with some Rockstar Society Gear on ( small tall big medium it dont matter to me. Just watch your ass Because i Maybe on it mmmwwwhhhahahahahahaahahaha (evil Laugh)

Nunnie Get The F*@$^ out the Pic PT2

I cant Help it i love to jump in pics with people, no matter who they are lol. 2 beautiful models one most people know hotstuff Kenya (ANTM) and lil one Miss Talia we were kicking at private Affair ( i kno u liked how i did that huh lol) having a good time sweet

Transformers 2 revenge of the fallen