Tuesday, March 31, 2009


just chillin out on my block relaxing its sooooooo beautiful outside

today was a good day lol

good day from Nunnie20 on Vimeo.
so today is such a beautiful day real talk so im enjoying every min of it look me as i do this vid lol

Monday, March 30, 2009

photoshoot at the crib lol

so after a night out at Dante party at santos which was pretty dope i was bored so i had a macbook photoshoot lol i also have more pics

Jade Promo

JADE promo from Michael-Film.com on Vimeo.

so i was talking to my homegirl kirsy and i want on her blog and show this video with jade and i was cool jade has a video which i find to be pretty dope but anyway i like jades music and her mixtape comes out on the 1st of april i hope it isnt no joke or something lol anywho going to her listening party today i cant wait intill then check out her promo video its pretty dope

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DFC Party tonight

yo yall know i dont blog on the weekend but my boy dante is having a bomb ass party tonight and i had to let yall know its going down tonight maann hmmm im getting hungry already lol no lie oh man i cant wait come tonight to santos party house

Thursday, March 19, 2009

dollas baby shower

last weekend i want to my big brothers baby shower and it was cool to be around family and friends and booze lol but on the real sometimesits nice to be around people who loves you and people that will be there for u always

Tonight i will be at

tonight im going to be at bowery poetry club tonight to show love to my people over at the writers block did u every go to a party where they mixed hardcore partying and poetry will this is the place to be at come and show love

Consequence & Kid Cudi - Buggin' Out 09

yo Consequence is my boy and i like his music and this song falls in as one of my favorite songs and its a remake of A tribe called Quest and those my dudes foreal so check out the video to buggin out

RI Ri payback

yo this is funny now the whole thing with chris and ri ri isnt funny and i wasnt going to take part in this intill melo x on twitter sent me to this link on twitter.com and this shit was sooooo fucking funny od lol omg yo mad funny

88-Keys (Feat. Kanye West) - Stay Up! (Viagra)

had to show my boy 88 keys love and put this video up od funny lol check it out

Kid Cudi Short Intro & Performs "Day N Night" On Late Night With Carson

Kid Cudi doing it big big up to that man for doing his thing wish him the best

Charles Hamilton: Loser Video Debuted on XXLMag.com

big shout to my boy charles Hamilton on this video dope song too

Melo X at blender theater

MeLo-X Performing @ Blender Theather 3/9/09 from Music Addicts Only on Vimeo.

here is some Footage of Melo X performance at blender theater it was show trust me that u shouldnt of missed real talk

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ladies Love the Rockstar Society how about u

hey man u better not miss out on them rockstar society tees man they running out fast get yours asap
go to therockstarsociety.com

Rockstar R3mx intro

RockStar R3mx Intro from Nunnie20 on Vimeo.

here is one of m favorite video that i created because rockstar r3mx has that thing that alot of people want he has star power and the power to have others follow him true leader at heart and knows how to making thing look way better then they seem check out the intro i did for rockstar r3mx

p.s does this video make him seem like the bad guy in the movie lol

Dreams Album release party

so this wed i want to the dream album release party and it was cool a lil pack but cool with my boy Karlie V in his crowd and we was most def in v.i.p with some of the big name now im use to seeing celebs and partying with them ( fab day 26 kanye west)but there was some people i was with they im not always around and dont always see ( mary J L.a reid) so it was cool to be around them but i had a great time wish u all was there with me u would of had a great time too

waaaaassssuuuupppppp lol

yoooo remember the wassup boys back in like 2000 they were funny as hell well here are some of the other ones they did and plus a few spoofs i se to love this commercial it was good to see they did one 8 years later and it was a great one to so check it out

Thursday, March 12, 2009

3 way drunken love

another drunk night love its really hard for me not to drink at parties thiem dont seem as fun as they could is there something wrong with me or is there something wrong with u??? good question i kno

Massive Attack- angel

love this fucking video yo love the song even ,ore one of my favorite songs to use in a film no lie

Monday, March 9, 2009

im back im back

soo i took a week off from my blog and i partied i think everyday and boozed it up about everyday lol but pretty much im back and i have good news boys and girls i got that old thing back yes i got my baby back my labtop and she feels good in my arms damn i missed her but later today im going to be doing so much so im going to try to blog at least 2 more things b4 the day is out peace n love