Friday, February 29, 2008

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Todays "COOL" pic of the day is me being me lol thats right this pic was back in 05 i was chillin at my sister Erica crib and someone took this pic and i was like heeeyyyy i look sooo cool in this pic lol so me in my superman shirt is todays "COOL" pic of the day

Something u didnt know about me

In college i use to have the biggest CRUSH on Sparkle lol

Old skool flick

Karly and nunnie thats right me and karly bac in high skool lol

check out

The death of Snoop and Omar of The Wire

Here are the ceath of omar and Snoop head shot baby lol check it out

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Todays "COOL" pic of the Day is a man who is very lonely and looking for his long lost love poor guy lol its cool it happen to the best of us

Something u didnt know about me

I tired to come out with my a clothin line called NERD LIFE in 05 lol

Old skool flick

lol me nunnie when i use to go by Shiek

Check out

Jimmy Kimmel VS Matt Damon rd1

Really funny clip on jimmy kimmel live see jimmy is always messing with matt damon this time he sent Guillermo over to when Matt was doing the Bourne Ultimatum and look how it turned it really funny nunnie out peace

Scrubs Turk And J.D

Scrubs is one of my favorite shows of all time yo its soooooo funny and i love to watch it it at times cheer me up look at this clip with the 2 main stars JD and Turk EEaaaggglllllleeeeeeeeeeee lol nunnie out peace

Monday, February 25, 2008

Something u didnt know about me

Believe it or not Lil Bow Wow Beware of Dog was the first album i bought with my own money lol true story

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Todays "COOL Pic of the day is this toy model i saw on one of my friends pages its tuff he designed it himself and i like it so i had to make its today "COOL" pic of the day

Old skool flick

Look everybody its hollywood lol

R.I.P 2 Snoop damn the Wire getting good

Ohhhhh yyeeaaaaahh the Wire is Heating up with the death of Snoop Marlo and the rest of his team went down and now are all in Jail hell even the cops got busted for lying about that serial killer and how they got the info on Marlo the Wire really is the best show out right now
But back to what i was saying about Mike killing Snoop thats right these youngin are taking this old heads out real talk. But Mike like the smart young dude that he is caught on to what Snoop was trying to do body him but she got body by Mike when he ask her to pull over he pulled hes gun and Snoop said some last words and then left us with the best Wire Death scene up to date
Snoop Knowning she about to die looks in the side view mirror real smooth and say
quote "Yo How my Hair Look Mike " (Snoop Voice)
Quote "You look good girl" ( Mike Voice)
Bang one to the head cccrrazzzzyyyyy then mike leave the murder scene
Peace out Nunnie

Sid & Nancy the ending

One of my favorite movies of all time is Sid & Nancy its about Sid Vicious the famous punk rocker who was in a band called the sex pistols one of the first if not the best punk rock bands ever fall in love with Nancy a young girl looking for fun and that wasnt the only thing he fail in love with to he also had an addiction to heroin after they say he killed his love nancy he later Overdose on heroin on feb 2nd 1979.

The reason why i love this clip so much and why thw ending is so powerful The ending is meant as a symbol. While Sid was getting better, surrounded by people who care (the black kids telling him to hang out with them), the feelings and addiction to both Drugs and Nancy lured him back, taking him off to his death (hence Nancy in the cab) and when the kids are running after him yelling "Sid you don't even know what you're doin'!" it was suppose to represent that even though he was gone, people kept trying. so check this clip out peacw out Nunnie

Friday, February 22, 2008

Check out

"COOL" Pic of the Day

todays "COOL" pic of the day is me as a cartoon lol yess yess thats right its of me from looking real cool bro lol anywho so todays "COOL" pic of the day is me as a cartoon lookin real coooooolllllll lol

Something u didnt know about me

I love football and i use to play it (thats not me its my boy James Ro who plat for Delware State good luck james)

Old skool flick

hahaha its ya boy ya boy ya boy lol

Cool tee

Tell me what u think u like it

Homies Over hoes

Homies over hoes do the homie do the homie ohhh hoooo hoooo this is crazy ( riley voice) lol its your boy your boy your boy lol

The Boondocks pt1

Yo karly i know u going to find this od funny bro yall check this out really funny

Oh Lord lol

Auburn's Junior Rosegreen knocks Georgia's Reggie Brown out cold dammnnnnn son now thats crazy

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flash Back pic lol

Look at ya man remix lookin like he about to kill someone lol

Go to

Something u didnt know about me

I use to be a superhero lol

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Sooooo it was my last night at sullivan college me and a few others and we knew we weren't coming back so we trashed Harlemworld place as u can see lol So today "COOL" pic of the Day Jo Jus And Reem (Harlem World) Crib all fucked up lol

Me doing what i do best

Check me out doing what i do best make magic lol

Crank-last resort

Sooo when i was in college bac when lol i edited this moive Crank with this song papa roach last resort and check it out this shit is fire

American Beauty

Dooooo one day i was feeling funny and i wanted to make a sensless video so check out this one i made i like it maybe u will too

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

G- Swagger The Ground work vol 1 out now

Check my boy G-Sawgger out the mix tape speak for itself if u dont know what i mean the shit is fire
Here the link to Download the mixtape
( ) thats the link " download the mixtape"

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Todays "COOL" pic of the Day is Emo pic of a young man puting a bullet threw his head in with a bullet out with hearts Emo is a way of showing ya feeling in a dark way its cool hey what ever float ya boat its cool with me but i love this pic so thats Y boy with bullet out with heart is the todays "COOL" pic of the day

Something u didnt know about me

City of god is my favorite Foreign film of all time

Look at ya man Dollas back in 02-03 lol

Sooooo i was looking threw some of my old pics and found this one laying around of dollas in my bathroom taking pics lol back when he had hair and shit lol this is without a doubt a classic pic right here lol

kenard bodied Omar little I know crazy right

So check this out so Omar ran threw the blocks like he always do right. So he go to the store and get some smokes and gets body bullet right to the head damn so i was like ddaaammmnnnn who in the hell bodied him comes up ya boy kenard i was yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo he bodied Omar thats crazy i have to say that i wouldn't of guess lil ass Kenard would body Omar "stick up Kid" Little now thats crazy see yall lesson learn cigarettes kill lol

R.I.P To all the homies on the Wire






Michael washing people up

Yo mike is my dude on the wire and i bet Mike going to kill Snoop too lol watch i know it


Damn Stack the hood miss u but i love this song by stack and Bynoe no lie one of my favorite song from him but they should of let me do it would of been way better lol

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Todays "COOL" pic of the day is this cool drawning i saw on this website dont really remember which site it was but i love this pic its cute lol so Today "COOL" pic of the day is hey lovely drawning of young love

Something u didnt know about me

I looovvveeee Pasta reak talk lol

Smosh boyz doing Mortal Kombat Theme

See im a big fan of Smosh because they are cool guy who always think outside the box and they do pretty well for themselves they are the number 1 youtuber on youtube

#20 - Most Subscribed (This Week) - Partners#47 - Most Subscribed (This Month) - Partners#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time)#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Directors#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners#38 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Directors#35 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Partners#7 - Most Viewed (All Time)#3 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Directors#9 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Partners yea crazy right so check them out they are pretty funny and they are my boys

My dream home video camera Canon HV20 High Def Camcorder

The stylish Canon HV20 gives you the ultimate in HD video and digital photo quality with advanced features for the knowledgeable and demanding videographer. Its 10x optical zoom lens, 2.96 Megapixel CMOS image sensor and Canon's advanced DIGIC DVII image processor ensures meticulous detail and superior color reproduction. 24p Cinema Mode brings "film-look" options to the HV20 owner- as never before in this class. And, with its HD and Standard Definition recording modes, you can make the move to HD without making your SD equipment obsolete.

Nunnie in his boxers

i know alot of people saw this video and here it is again me just being me in my underpants lol

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton - Umbrella

Spoof of the Democratic race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is a hilarious music video set to the tune of "Umbrella" by Rihanna OOODDDDDDDD funny check it out peace out Nunnie

Monday, February 18, 2008

Something u didnt know about me

I had Hair Once upon a time lol

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Thats an easy one the "COOL" pic of the Day is my team (some of them) looking real cool at this party they went it was on the hush hush so if u weren't cool u didnt get invited lol na but todays cool pic of the day is Rockstar society members Remix Hollywood J Jackson and RIC CASH are the "COOL" pic of the day

Kermit the Frog reacts to "2 girls one cup"

Lol OD funny like yo mad funny Kermit is one nasty frog bro lol check this out as Kermit watch 2 girls one cup

Friday, February 15, 2008

Something u didnt know about me

Ari, Clavin and Karly are my bestfriend and I love Them


Nooo matter your Age Ya color ya size ladies i love to DUB with ya. Even If ya my Bestfriend Mother lol (SO ARI lol) so if u see me in the party come dub on me so we can take as flick lol I told yall i LOOOVVEEE 2 DDUUUBBB AHAHAHAHAHAHA

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Soooo i was on my homegirls page on myspace and i saw this pic and i was like wow that is a whole Heep of Bottle GOOOODDDD DDAAAMMMNNNNN lol so Bottles on top of Bottles Is the "COOL" Pic of the Day

Hard to Open lol

Soo i was having a hard time with this lol check it out lol

SFOC 1 (remake)

I had to put this on my blog because im a real big fan of PivotmasterDX and the the whole Stick figure movement its hot

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something u didnt know about me

Maroon 5 is one of my Favorite Band Period..........

"COOL" Pic of the Day

Todays "COOL" pic of the Day is Myself N Remix At Ixchel B day party the boy remix showing me some love with the moet and shit my team stand United like the States of America ya digg lol Anywho Remix showing me some love is the "COOL" pic of the day peace out Nunnie

Nunnie N Karly Show

Gickr helps you to pimp your myspaceYes u heard it here first the Nunnie N Karly Show directed by me Nunnie
Plot 2 friends living on there own in this world and having fun too

Nunnie: a silly kid who loves to have fun and jokes alot who also has a wild mind set and see the world in a different light

Karly: a loveable guy looking for love and hoping to find the girl of his dream while trying to find a way for nunnie not to mess that up 2

you heard it here folks the Nunnie N Karly Show Directed BY ME Nunnie Peace

Dirty Boyz Ent Coming Soon

Oh yeahhhhh its ya boy nunnie N Malcolm fr Different Worlds team up to make dirty boyz ent thats right you seen us in Boredom and u will see alot more of us coming soon in Out of Control short film directed by me Nunnie iight peace