Friday, May 29, 2009

guess who back hahaha me bitch

yes im back from miami and i feel like shit i think im still in miami mode and the day i come back i party and then wait there more lol i go to work at 7 am u kno im uper tired od lol but fuck it im a warrior

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

vaca For your boy Nunnie oh yeaahhh

ooohhh yyyyeeaaahhhhh vaca for the boy nunnie peace out bitches be back on the 27th but today im out

Friday, May 15, 2009

great acting (it always touch my heart when i see this)

this part this scene is the reason i make movies now the way swayer loses his love juliet was soooo sad and amazing because evertime i watch it my heart goes for swayer who isnt even real but yet he made me feel his pain just now and everytime i watch it i love part in shows and movies that have scenes like this is so fucking amazing

Nunnie (me lol) at the Puma Event

sooo like a month back i want to the puma event at michael K and it was fun as hell see take a look lol

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pharrell wildin out in Mickey D's lol

pharrell is mad funny and cool for this i would of mad that big mac for the big homie Pause

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kesed goes in

agood friend of mines name Kesed he is hella dope and a funny guy check him out here going in man

did Kanye did what i been wanting to do for a min lol

yes eople he smack that sexy brown skin booty hmmmmmmmmm nniicceeellllyyyyyyyy

Happy birthday to my homie Kayln

friday that just pass was my homie Kayln b day party and we had some fun even tho i look wild crazy in these pics and a not wat it look like pic still had a blast peep ya man Juggz and J Jackson looking wild dumb lol

Happy ending tonight come and party

as u see threw the main pics Happy ending is the place to be on wed so come have fun because we partying like the old days and its good to have everyone there having a good time ya dig so come and lets kick it

this isnt wat it look like lol

Lol ok wat it look like too you lol

New Cassie Ft G Swagger Must be Love

yo think to hollywood for puttin gthis video up love this fucking song yo good shit i heard in a while from anyone

Friday, May 8, 2009

Where I been? Where you Been?

People know that im always out well here are some pics of me u kno Out where u be aT LOL

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dwight & ShaDanye Baby Shower

SOOO on saturday my really good friends from college are having a baby together and i think its a wonderful thing and im soo happy for them they invited me to there baby shower it was only right to go too it and show my love for them here are some pics from there Baby shower

New Music Alert from Yung Juggz play no games

here is some new music from the up coming rockstar Society Mixtape fly or die 2 i cant wait im soooooo hype for it

Monday, May 4, 2009

Callender Birthday Party Shoutout to Alien

first i would like to say happy b day to my boy Callender that old nigga turned 40 and shit lol na but yea the party was most def rocking i can say that but its funny because Cal was sober ass fuck on his b day and that was crazy to me see Callender is always done off or getting other people done off so o see him sober was kinda funny and on his b day but he its his choice but check out these photo from his b day

40 bounce BBQ Crazy (Van Man wat up)

yo like last saturday my boy Van Man (joel) had a popping as BBQ in the heights soooooo many beautiful spanish women came out black ones too but it was also good to hang some people that i only see in clubs it was pretty rocking cool too Van Man had the 40ess poppin too i hope the next one isnt the date i think its going to bebecause i want to hit up the next one