Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trailer:Grand Theft Auto IV

Sooooo I was suffing the web and came across this bad ass trailer the 08 most anticipated video game release. if u love video games like i do then u know that this is a must get like seriously i think everyone need to buy a pS3 or X box 360 just for this game it drops april 29 check out the trailer this game is fucking sick peace out nunnie

The Fabulous Life


Monday, January 28, 2008

My weekend was crazy

Gickr helps you to pimp your myspace

So check this out i had a crazy very fun but Busy weekend yessir first

Friday: so it was 40 cal and Ric cash B day party but b4 that i had to head up to my skool and handle some business so iam super tired and if everyone remembed the first one was cancel because the FEDS run up in the shit so we did it again on friday and it was crazy i tell u crazy lol super fun

Saturday: So i got some rest went out promoted some more for feb 1st party in the city club fahrenheit be there lol. then later that night i went to my good friend Ixchel b day party and it was super fun because there weren't too many people there and we got nice and drunk lol

Sunday: so now im just dead tired lol so myself remix and J Jackson went to pick up the flyers for the mix tape and the mix tape then went to soho and and promoted


Gickr helps you to pimp your myspace Soooooo after a hard working fun weekend we end it off with some heavy promotion ya dig myself remix and J Jackson so we was all up in soho also checked out the BBC store it was fire in there tooo so enjoy peace out nunnie

Lat night Party

pimp your myspace Soooo saturday night somes around right and myself remix J jackson And Fly Guy Nyck met up so we can go to my homegirl Ixchel b day party out in soho. So we stop at the gas Station and i realize that J Jackson got his chain on and my god it was crazy i am not a big fan of chains but the rockstar society chain is by far the hottest shit i seen in 08 ok black man i see u so check out this video and if u want to see all the pics from the party go on my

Free time with Rockstar Society

Create myspace graphic with Gickr Hey Did u ever wonder what rockstar society does on there free time will i am going to give u a lil sneek peek of what u like to do on our free time ladies and gentles so enjoy because we talked and joked a lot lol enjoy peace out nunnie

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Road Trip

avatars myspace at So i had to go handle some business at my old college sullivan so my boy Rob Da Don and I went on a mini road trip to our old skool so check it out and enjoy peace out Nunnie

Friday, January 25, 2008

Maroon 5, Chad Hugo, Mos Def - Frontin' (Cover)

So i was just looking around on youtube and i came across this video that i seen so long ago and i remember how great maroon 5 re did frontin by pharrell the best part was that chad Hugo 1/3 of N.E.R.D he was on the keyboard and to top it off they had my boy mos def rap at the end that shit was fire. So check it out and enjoy like i did Peace out Nunnie

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gym Class heroes Papercut

I had to put this video up because its my favorite gym class heroes song and video been a fan for a long time now and i am happy for my dudes and look at my son traviee no Hair hahahaha i remember them dayz bro so check it out trust u will like it old skool gym class heroes never changed one bit

late night Session

myspace image at Gickr

so i want to the studio to chill out with ric cash and jugglez come to find out that J mack and Nycks was over there and they was getting ready 4 a session so i record it so check this out and enjoy it nunnie out peace

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

N.E.R.D is Back Baby Yeah Baby Yeah

Finally N.E.R.D hAS come back to music hahahaha na but the song is fire no joke and i am really diging it man i am glad one of my favorite bands are back so enjoy because i did

R.I.P Heath Ledger

I would like to take this time out to say RIP to Heath Ledger he was a great actor i loved him in 10 thing i hate about u and knight tale and i know i am going to love him as the joker in the Darker Knight. It is always sad when someone passes away if you knew him or not

Ledger was known for grueling, intense roles that became his trademark after he got his start in teen movies like "10 Things I Hate About You." Thereafter, he avoided the easy path in favor of roles that forced him to bury his Australian accent and downplay his leading-man looks: the tormented gay cowboy Ennis Del Mar in "Brokeback Mountain"; a drug addict in "Candy"; an incarnation of Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There."

News of Ledger's death spread quickly, from the crowd of 300 people that gathered Tuesday outside his Manhattan apartment to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where those with close ties to the actor included Naomi Watts. A publicist for Watts said the actress, who had a previous relationship with Ledger, had left the festival on Tuesday night.

Hey Kool Aid ooohhhhhh Yyeeaaahhhhh

I just had to put this video up because dane cook was in the video and the video was hella funny omg but he does have a point who wants a big glass of kool aid crashing in your house breaking shit up my moms would of whip my ass and his lol

Handle some Business Nunnie and RIC CASH

pimp your myspace

So Cash And I had to go to the shop and handle some rockstar society business you know make sure everything was right and shit so enjoy the video i made for yall peace out nunnie

Ryan Pearson Is The Future PERIOD

Ryan Pearson From far rockaway Queens Ny is the future of basketball players period. He is a hard working kid and a good friend of mines standing at 6'6 ryan is a problem no joke.
Ryan attends christ the king in queens and will be going to George Mason in the 08 fall. he also throw up 28.7 ppg and 11 boards goddamn that boy is good. I remember seeing my dude Ryan in the hood Talling then all his other classmate and i was asking myself why is this tall as kid hanging with these little kids not realize that ryan is 4 years young then myself. I never seen a kid at his age to have so much passion, love and drive for his childhood dreams which is to play in the NBA one day yo ryan you better hold down my tix my dude because over here in nunnie's world we know u going to the big times And shoutout to my Boy Karly for all the love he show ryan by going to almost all his game true friend right there
peace out nunnie

Monday, January 21, 2008

food and friends pt1

So Today my mom cooked a killed meal Chicken cutlet parmegan with Angel hair the meal was great afterwards i want by R1C CASH crib to finish working on welcome to the soicety pt 2 our mixtape to the groundbreaking welcome to the society pt 1 and we where just chillin and talkin about stuff and thing that matter in life like find a got razor to use when he dont want all that hair on ya face lol anywho enjoy and late i am going to play ball at LA fitness video coming soon lol peace nunnie out

Pats, Giants to Meet Again in Super Bowl

Perfection for the Patriots or one Giant upset: a Super showdown is set. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will try to complete an unbeaten season Feb. 3 against the New York Giants in the Super Bowl at Glendale, Ariz.
New England (18-0) will attempt to match the 1972 Miami Dolphins as the only teams to complete an undefeated season. Standing in the Patriots' way are the road-warrior Giants (13-6) and Eli Manning - Peyton's little brother, whose moxie and leadership abilities no longer can be questioned."We haven't been given a shot," Manning said of his Giants, who have won 10 straight on the road. "But we're here, and I think we're deserving of it."Las Vegas oddsmakers might think differently. They installed New England as a 13 1/2-point favorite in the big game, in which New York will get another shot at destroying the Patriots' path to perfection.New England won 38-35 in its final game of the regular season, rallying from a 12-point second-half deficit."That got us going, momentum," Manning said.At least neither team will have to worry about a frigid forecast in Arizona. On Sunday, New England beat San Diego 21-12 in 23-degree temperatures in the AFC championship at Foxborough, Mass., while New York edged Green Bay 23-20 in overtime in subzero conditions in the NFC title game at Lambeau Field."Now we're going to someplace warm because I'm freezing my you-know-what off," Brady said, flashing that familiar grin.Brady and the Patriots will be well-thawed by the time they play in the Super Bowl for the fourth time in seven years. A win in this one would rank the Patriots as perhaps the greatest champion in NFL history

Rockstar Society

Check it out NOW


Check out the RockStar Society Blog Page

RockStar Society is a group of people who are not with the hype of following trends, instead we set the trends and follow what we create. We are independent people who depend on no one but ourselves. Unity is the key to life and one must grasp the concept before they can claim their goals in life. As a member of RockStar Society you must prove to the world, who you are as an individual. Realize life and understand that time waits for no one. Pursue your goals and become successful. As the poet once said "LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT" and we will make it a ROCKSTAR SOCIETY

My 2 girlfriends

My boy Scott Cush is the man his new sitcom is cool and i love it. Its called my 2 girlfriend by Cush TV.

Its about a man who is getting serious with 1 girl and now they are a couple but low and be hold girl A is getting kick out her apartment. So my boy Cush lets her crash at his place but, forget one minor detail he his a very beautiful and sexy girl already staying at his place. So now he has these 2 beautiful sexy females living with him goodlife right wrong.Wow Cush you are in trouble now brother good luck with that one. Can't wait for the next one bro

Chop Suey

Just me rocking out to one of my favorite song by System of a down enjoy

Welcome to Nunnies world

Hello people and welcome to something out the ordinary yes i said welcome to my world i made this blog page to let people in on my life and the thing i do when i am being me thats right nunnie. Here is a lil bio on me.

my name is nunnie and i am 21 rasied in Far rock queens New York I am down with the greatest team that ever touch this earth rockstar society/ Rated R. I am a young Filmmaker trying to get my stuff out there and also a party promoter. I use to dance but i gave it up now my team and i have a clothin line coming out called rockstar soicety and its hot. My style is mos def different from the rest i teill you that much. I love all types of music no matter who it is. If it catch my ear i am down 4 the cause. Everyone Seat back and buckle up for this epic ride you all are about to take with me nunnie